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The 8-Second Post-Meal Routine That Helped Me Relieve My Dog’s Stiff & Aching Joints    

Do THIS to Relieve Your Dog’s Joint Pain in Just 4 Weeks

By Emma Roberts | Aug 26, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

Every day, as I watched my pup Mia, my heart sank. She used to be a ball of energy. Now? Not so much. Her happy jog had changed to a slow, painful limp.


We've always had a routine…


Mornings used to be full of fun and games.


Mia, my 8-year-old rottweiler, would play fetch, play tug with her rope, and happily run around our backyard.


But now?


She struggles to even get up.

Our House Seemed to Have Become Her Biggest Challenge.

The stairs?


She'd look at them, tail down, knowing the climb would hurt.


Her toys, which once brought so much joy, now lay untouched because playing meant pain.


This isn’t the life I wanted for her.


Especially not when she's only eight.


But this had been our world for the past five months.

Mia's Painful Joint Issues Made Every Day Heartbreaking.

Mia's problems weren't just at home.


Walks, which she once loved, became a task.


We’d head to the park, and where she once led, she now lagged behind.

It hurt to see younger dogs easily outrun her, while my Rottie, a breed known for its strength, struggled.


Parks were the worst…


Mia would see her friends, tails wagging, playing, and running.


She'd try to join but often sat down, tired and in pain.


It broke my heart.


Every. Single. Time.


Visits to the vet felt useless.

We Tried Everything: Medicines, Special diets, Even Gentle Exercises They Recommended.

Money flew out of my pocket, but no change for Mia.


Surgery was a word that echoed in the back of my mind…


A heavy, frightening option that I couldn’t even fathom.


Not only because they can cost a fortune, but I was afraid my Mia would never be the same afterward.

Every time it was mentioned, I felt a lump form in my throat.


Every day, the weight of Mia's pain rested heavily on my shoulders.

Each limp, each sigh she gave, felt like a direct hit to my heart.


The worst part was the overpowering guilt…


Was it my fault? Did I not do enough?


The world of remedies, therapies, and solutions was vast, but nothing seemed to work.

I felt trapped in a never-ending cycle of hope and despair.

Then, One Day Things Took a Turn…

We were at our favorite park.


Mia was slow as usual, and we took a lot of breaks.


During one of these breaks, we sat on our usual bench.


Out of nowhere, an elderly lady with a lively Beagle approached.


People often get the wrong idea about Rottweilers that they’re aggressive and unfriendly...

But not Mia. She’s a sweetheart.


The Beagle came over, and Mia greeted him with a friendly sniff.


While our dogs got to know each other, the lady and I started talking.


I told her about Mia's joint issues and how it’s been a long, painful journey.


To my surprise, she said her Beagle had the same problem.


But just look at him now!


At 11 years old, he was playing like a puppy.


I was stunned.




She began talking about these amazing joint pain relief chews.


“They call them the Cannanine Hemp Oil Soft Chews," she said with a smile.


She told me that within weeks of using them, she saw a change.

Her Beagle was more active, happier, and most importantly, pain-free.

Hearing about her story filled my heart with hope.


Yet, a part of me was still skeptical.


Mia is a rottweiler, not a small Beagle.


She's much bigger and every breed reacts differently to treatments.

And let's not forget about everything I’ve already tried and failed.


Curious, I decided to look up these Cannanine Hemp Oil Soft Chews.


And on their website, I found out why these chews work so well…


These chews target the root cause of dog joint pain - inflammation.


In simple terms, inflammation is our body's natural response to injuries or harmful situations.


In small doses, it's helpful. It signals to our and our dog’s bodies that something is wrong, and it needs fixing.


But when inflammation persists, especially in the joints, it causes swelling and pain.


Imagine trying to bend a swollen finger or walk on a swollen foot…

That's what Mia felt with each step.

The constant inflammation in her joints was causing her excruciating pain every time she moved.


The more I read, the more I understood.


Continuous inflammation in the joints can be triggered by several factors: age, injury, or even from their diet.

And if left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain, making everyday activities unbearable.


Seeing that they offered a 100% money-back guarantee, there was no risk for me.

Full of Hope, I Ordered The Chews.

It started well – Mia loved them.


I gave her two chews after her meals in the mornings and in the afternoon. It took me just 8 seconds a day.


It was easy to keep up with this routine, and Mia was always impatiently waiting for her chews after she’d finished eating.


I'll be honest… I wasn't expecting miracles.


But day by day, the changes in Mia were undeniable.


In two weeks, she started showing signs of her old self.


No longer did she sleep around all day, and climbing the stairs wasn't a painful obstacle anymore.


Our walks felt different too.


She moved with an ease I hadn't seen in months.

Four Weeks In, It Was Like a Flashback to Her Younger Days.

Fetch was back on our playlist, and she was much more active at the dog park again.


The difference was clear.


Unlike other remedies that simply masked her pain, these chews addressed the root problem.


Mia was getting the relief she desperately needed.


Today, I look at her and feel a wave of gratitude.


The playfulness, the energy, the joy—it's all back.


To all the dog parents out there watching their furry friends suffer, I encourage you to try Cannanine Hemp Oil Soft Chews.


They contain no THC and will not make your dog “high.” Most other hemp oil chews contain trace amounts of THC, but theirs contains absolutely zero.


Don't just take my word for it…


See the transformation for yourself, and let your dog lead a life free of joint pain.

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