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"Leo!" I shouted as I watched him howl in agony after his leg buckled out on the wet grass.


I'm Josh.


Five years ago, our home felt a touch too quiet, so we brought in Leo, a rescue dog that was just right for us - neither too big nor too small.


Now at 7 years old, he's been the heartbeat of our family.

But things took a dramatic turn…


It was a regular Saturday morning.


We had just woken up, and I had let Leo out for his morning routine.


I decided to step out too, thinking it would be nice to get a breath of fresh air, a perfect start to our weekend.


And there Leo was, running at me with his favorite tennis ball…

His eyes gleaming and his tail wagging, playfully dropping the ball at my feet.


That ball had seen countless days of fetch…


Every morning, just like clockwork, we played our little game.


It was our thing, our special bond.


Whether it was rain or shine, day or night, Leo would never tire of the chase.


As I bent down to pick up the tennis ball, his eyes lit up even more…


He couldn’t let his eyes off the ball…


I sent the ball soaring across the yard, and like a bullet, he was off…


I remember thinking how lucky I was to have a dog so full of life.


He brought the ball back, looking up at me with those joyful eyes, urging me for another go.


We played a few more times…


Then I said, "Last one, buddy!" and threw it far…


With all my strength, I launched the ball as far as I could…


But as Leo ran to get it, he slipped on the wet grass, buckling his leg and falling badly…

My heart froze.


"Leo!" I shouted as I sprinted towards him, hearing his agonizing howl…


He whimpered softly, trying to stand up but collapsing again…


With trembling hands, I picked him up and rushed him inside to show my wife.


There were no visible wounds, but I could see agonizing pain in his eyes.


My wife and I rushed him to our local vet, our hearts heavy with worry.


As we waited, my mind raced with the what-ifs…


What if I hadn't thrown the ball that last time?


What if we had just stayed in bed a little longer?


What if my dear pup is never able to walk again?


The weight of the guilt was overwhelming.


It was at the vet's that we learned the truth…

“This hasn't happened overnight. He must have been dealing with this for several months. A simple slip shouldn't have caused this much harm."


The vet went on to explain…


"Dogs have a strong instinct to hide their pain. This behavior stems from their wild ancestors – the wolves. Wolves live in packs and showing weakness can get them abandoned. It's survival. Dogs have the same instinct. By the time they visibly show pain, it's usually much worse than you'd imagine."


Leo had been suffering, silently, for God knows how long.


This was a disaster waiting to happen.


All the times we played fetch, all the long walks, the hikes - had I been unknowingly making his pain worse?


I felt guilty.


"But how could I have known he was in pain?", I asked the vet.


And he asked me a simple question…


"Has he been slower in getting up lately? Any hesitation when jumping on or off the couch?"


I paused, thinking back…




I've noticed he's not as quick to get up. And he’s been more careful with jumps.


And as I learned that day…,


That’s one of the big warning signs your dog is experiencing joint pain.

We left the vet with a prescription for Leo’s joint pain.


But the worst was yet to come…


The doctor suggested surgery for Leo, and that thought alone terrified me.


I couldn’t afford it…


And even if we went through with it, Leo would never be the same.


He wouldn’t be able to chase after his beloved tennis ball…


His joyous zoomies around the yard would be a thing of the past…


And he’d lose his fun, playful spirit.


Even now, Leo seemed like a completely different dog.


Instead of playing, Leo now preferred to lie down and rest.


The most frustrating part was…


We Tried EVERYTHING To Ease Leo’s Joint Pain.




“Joint pain” chews from Amazon…


And even acupuncture.


Nothing helped. I felt like giving up.


I was ready to start saving for Leo's surgery and accept the fact that he'll never be the same.


He would no longer jump up and down in excitement when I came home from work...


He would no longer be able to play fetch with his favorite tennis ball...


And he'd lose his playful spirit, one of my favorite things about him.


But he was just 7 years old. Hopefully, he’s gonna live for another 5-7 years.


I couldn't let him keep suffering in pain, while I experimented with different remedies without luck…


Watching him suffer felt like a stab in my heart.


Even now, as I let him out in the mornings he comes back with his favorite tennis ball with the same spark in his eyes.


But as I throw the ball just a few meters away from him to not cause him too much pain...


He limps towards the ball and stops halfway there.


I can't imagine how much he was hurting.


But before giving up, I decided to call my old friend, Justin Palmer.


You might recognize the name…


But, you probably don't know his story, and neither did I until he shared it…

Hi, my name is Justin Palmer.


You may know me as the man behind iHeartDogs.com, which has touched the lives of millions of pet owners in just a short span of a few years.


But if you had told me this a few years ago... I would've laughed it off.


And for a simple reason...


When I was a kid, pets were my kryptonite. Especially dogs.


Just visiting a friend with a pet would turn my day into a sneezing marathon, eyes watering, nose running like a tap.


I couldn’t even think of getting close to them.


But life is funny, isn't it?


But after marrying my dog-loving wife, we took a leap of faith.


Before thinking about a baby, we decided on a fur baby.


Enter Splash - our adorable, 2-year-old rescue Husky.

Surprisingly, my allergies took a back seat.


With Huskies, the allergy-triggering dander is lesser.


So, instead of allergic reactions, Splash brought joy and an insatiable curiosity about his kind.


Even better, my allergies disappeared completely after a while.


And everything changed…


Every missed moment from my childhood, I was making up for now, with Splash by my side.


I wanted to understand everything about how to keep him healthy and happy…


From someone who'd steer clear of dogs, I found myself knee-deep in dog behavior books, diving into dog nutrition.


I also started volunteering at local animal shelters…


I saw the challenges dogs who didn't have loving homes faced daily…


As I learned more about dog nutrition…


I became increasingly interested in the role of supplements in supporting their health…


And here I am, the founder of iHeartDogs…


A company dedicated to educating & improving the lives of dogs and their owners.


I wanted to create products that would help dogs live their best lives, and that's exactly what I did.


I partnered with veterinarians and nutritionists to create supplements that were made with high-quality ingredients backed by science.


But I didn't stop there.


I wanted to know for sure that our supplements were effective, so I set up a lab where we could test them.


We conducted clinical trials to ensure that our supplements were safe and effective for dogs of all ages and breeds.


Through my experiences with dogs, I have seen firsthand how a few simple routine changes can make a huge difference in a dog's life.


Today, we donate a portion of each of our orders to animal shelters and rescue organizations in need.


I couldn't have done any of this without the support of my wife, who has been a dog person her entire life.


Her love for dogs is contagious, and it's what inspired me to start iHeartDogs in the first place.


She has been by my side every step of the way, and together we are all-in on dog health and wellness.

Justin continues…


After hearing about what happened to Leo, I knew I had to help.


But there was one problem though…


Until this point, joint pain hadn't been on my radar.


My expertise has been in resolving issues like digestive troubles, allergies, skin conditions, and more.


But, given that my entire career centered around dogs, I had to find a way to help Leo.


Josh told me how he’d tried everything, and it was clear to me that the standard approach wasn’t working. I had to think outside the box.


So I looked up some of the studies from recent years on dog joint pain…


And to my surprise, there was an increasing number of studies pointing towards CBD, or Cannabidiol, as a potential solution for joint discomfort.


“In 2018, a study by Cornell University tested CBD’s effects on dogs with osteoarthritis and found it clearly improved levels of comfort and mobility when compared to a placebo.”


“In 2020, a similar study found that CBD was associated with reduced joint pain and quality of life in dogs, while a veterinary study published in the journal Pain also found that the addition of Full-spectrum Hemp (CBD) oil resulted in notable benefits (decreased pain scores, improvements in mobility, and improved quality of life) for 94% of the study dogs.”


I called Josh to tell him what I found.


At first, he was a bit skeptical…


“CBD? You mean like weed?”

I went on to explain…


No, CBD isn't weed.


While many mix them up, they're very different.


Weed is BANNED in over 180 countries. But CBD is completely safe and legal in most places.

The difference between CBD and “Weed.”


CBD is just a compound found in weed.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many components found in the cannabis plant, but it's a world away from what most people think of as "weed."


That's because CBD doesn't make you feel high…


The part of cannabis that gets you high is called THC, which is a completely different compound.


So, here's what you should understand…


Weed, or marijuana, is banned in many parts of the world because of its THC content. THC can change your mood and consciousness – giving you that “high” feeling.


But CBD is a completely different story…


It's 100% non-psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high.


CBD gives you the health benefits associated with cannabis but without the buzz.


CBD is completely legal and safe to use because it doesn’t have the 'high' associated with THC.

CBD has been a rising trend in recent years, especially for improving human health. People love it for its calming benefits, its way of easing pain and discomfort, and a whole lot more.


And it might be just the thing to help Leo with his excruciating joint pain...


How CBD Can Help Eliminate Joint Pain in Dogs


Imagine your dog's joints as a set of gears in a well-oiled machine…


Over time, those gears can start to rust, making every movement a painful grind.


This is what joint pain feels like for dogs.

Inflammation is like the rust that slowly creeps onto the gears of a well-oiled machine.


When your dog is young and healthy, the gears are smooth and rotate freely, allowing your dog to run, jump, and play without a hint of discomfort.


But over time, various factors, such as a poor diet, aging, or medical conditions like arthritis, cause inflammation in your dog’s joints.


Even if you think you're feeding your dog the highest-quality dog food, many manufacturers cut corners and include cheap ingredients in your dog food…


Which can also trigger inflammation.


(Yes, even some of the "organic, all-natural" dog foods contain these toxic ingredients).


Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or infection.


When your dog’s joints are inflamed, the body sends an army of white blood cells to the affected areas…

But sometimes this response doesn't turn off when it should.


Instead of protecting the joints, these cells release chemicals that may further damage the already affected tissues.


Think of these chemicals as the rust eating away at those gears, causing them to become stiff, swollen, and painful.


This makes every step your dog takes feel like grinding gears that have lost their smooth motion.


As the inflammation—worsens the once effortless joy of running or the simple act of walking becomes a painful challenge for your pup.


But that’s where CBD oil comes in.

CBD oil works to counteract this inflammation in your dog’s joints.


It interacts with receptors in your dog’s body, part of a complex system known as the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in maintaining bodily homeostasis, or balance.


When CBD binds to certain receptors, it helps to reduce the production of those inflammation-causing chemicals, effectively cleaning off the rust that has formed on the gears.


By reducing this inflammation, CBD oil allows your dog’s joints to begin moving smoothly and freely again.


It helps rebuild that corroded, painful joint into a functioning part of your dog’s happy, active life.


So instead of just ‘masking’ the pain, like most joint pain remedies do…


You’re tackling the root cause of your pup’s excruciating joint pain.


With regular use, you can find your dog moving with a spring in their step that you haven’t seen in years.


But the benefits don’t stop there…

Additional Benefits Dogs Get From CBD

1. Easing Anxiety

For dogs with anxiety, their world is often filled with invisible threats that their owners might not understand.


They may hide, shake, or become overly aggressive as a form of self-defense.


Their nervous system is perpetually on edge, stuck in a fight-or-flight response mode, which is exhausting and stressful for the poor animal.


CBD can help to ease this tension by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in a dog’s body.


The ECS is a complex cell-signaling system that plays a key role in regulating a wide array of physiological processes, including mood, stress, and inflammation.


It consists of a series of receptors found throughout the body - in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells.

When a dog experiences stress or anxiety, this system can become unbalanced.


So, how can CBD help?


CBD acts as a sort of 'tuner' for this system.


It helps the nervous system to stop sending so many frantic signals, thereby allowing the dog to relax.


It works by interacting with the two main types of receptors in the ECS — CB1 and CB2 receptors.


By interacting with these receptors, CBD can help to rebalance this system, promoting a calming and stabilizing effect on the dog’s mood and overall well-being.

2. Fighting Allergies and Excessive Itching

Inflammation isn't only behind joint pain…


It also plays a significant role in allergies and excessive itching.


Essentially, inflammation is the body's natural response to harmful stimuli, such as allergens. When an allergen (like pollen, dust, or a specific food ingredient) enters a dog’s body, it triggers an immune response.


The immune system mistakenly identifies this usually harmless substance as a threat, much like it would a virus or a bacteria.


This 'false alarm' causes the body to produce various cells and proteins, including histamines, to protect itself.


Histamines, while useful in fighting genuine threats, are what cause the itching, redness, and swelling commonly seen in allergic reactions.


But CBD can help prevent this from happening…


It acts like a volume knob, turning down the level of the immune response so that it doesn't go into overdrive.


Here’s how:


By interacting with the receptors in a dog’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can modulate and reduce these inflammatory responses.


Instead of allowing the body to continuously produce those itch-inducing histamines and other inflammatory cells…


CBD helps to put the immune system back into a more balanced state.


It sends signals to cells that reduce the production of inflammatory substances and increase the production of anti-inflammatory components.

3. Managing Seizures

Seizures are a terrifying ordeal for any pet owner to witness.


They're sudden, scary, and can be severe.


For a dog, seizures are confusing and frightening.


CBD, according to various studies, may have anticonvulsant properties.

89% Reduction in Seizures for Epileptic Dogs (Colorado State University)
A group of researchers from Colorado State University are focusing on learning more about CBD oil as a viable treatment for epilepsy in dogs. For 24 weeks, dogs that experience at least two seizures a month will receive either CBD oil treatment or a placebo. Preliminary results released in July of 2018 have shown that a surprising 89% of the dogs studied showed a drop in regular seizures. The study is a double-blind, placebo-controlled test.

Here are the 3 ways it can help manage your pup’s seizures:


1. Calming Overactive Neurons


One of the critical functions of CBD is its ability to calm neurons that are firing too quickly and too frequently.


Neurons communicate through electrical signals.


When these signals become too frequent and intense, seizures can occur.


CBD is believed to calm these overactive neurons by attaching to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which is a complex cell-signaling system in the bodies of all mammals, including dogs.


Through this interaction, CBD can help restore balance to the neurological system, effectively reducing the hyperactivity that is occurring within the brain during a seizure.


2. Decreased Risk of Seizures


Chronic inflammation in the brain, known as neuroinflammation, has been linked to the development of seizures and epilepsy.


As CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce this inflammation in the brain, potentially decreasing the likelihood of seizure occurrence.


3. Balanced Brain Activity


CBD may also work by affecting the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.


For example, it is thought to help increase levels of inhibitory neurotransmitters (like GABA), which slow down brain activity, and decrease levels of excitatory neurotransmitters (like glutamate), which speed up brain activity.


By modulating these neurotransmitters, CBD can help to maintain a more balanced, steady level of brain activity, rather than the erratic activity that characterizes seizures.


For dogs with conditions like epilepsy, where seizures are a constant threat, CBD could allow these dogs to live more normal lives, reducing the frequency and intensity of their seizures and giving them — and their owners — much-needed peace of mind.


In essence, CBD acts as a sort of 'neural pacifier,' helping to soothe and stabilize the chaotic electrical activity in a dog’s brain, offering a natural option that could potentially make a significant difference in the lives of dogs prone to seizures.

After everything I told Josh, I saw hope spark in his eyes.


But we faced another challenge…


We had to find the best way to give Leo his daily dosage of CBD.


We started with straight-up CBD oil.


But man, was that a bad idea…


Every time, we had to wrestle and force Leo's mouth open. And for a dog with agonizing joint pain, that just wasn’t the best option

Then Josh’s wife had an idea…


"Why not mix the CBD oil with his treats?"


Leo had these little, bone-shaped bites that he went crazy for. So, we tried putting a little CBD oil on one.


The difference was night and day. Leo ate it up super fast.


I said to Josh, "Let's stick with this for the next few weeks."


However, I was still a bit skeptical since using CBD oil for dog joint pain was new for me.


Two weeks later, Josh sent me an update:


"Justin, I think the CBD oil is working! Leo’s not just sleeping all day. He’s even walking around the yard more now!"


It was great news, but I didn’t want to celebrate too early.


There was a possibility that Leo had healed a little bit since the incident, so I told Josh to keep giving Leo his treats covered in CBD oil every day.


And after a total of 4 weeks, it was like Leo turned back the clock.


He was all playful and waggy-tailed again.


Leo was back to being his fun, playful, and healthy self.


Josh was over the moon…


“He’s like his old self again. We’re slowly starting to go on longer walks again…


We’re catching up on all the fetch games we missed out on…


And he’s back to being the life of our home.”


I couldn’t believe it.


After feeling “trapped in his own body for several weeks…


Having a hard time standing up…


And being unable to run and go on long walks…


Leo was back to being the playful, fun, and healthy pup he once was.


But we couldn’t be sure yet…


So we took Leo to the vet to do a complete check-up.


The vet was as surprised as we were…


He told us that Leo’s joint health had significantly improved since our last visit, but there was still some way to go.


“Continue doing whatever you’re to help him because it’s definitely working. Come back again after a month,” the doctor told us.


Finally, we were able to celebrate with confidence.


By giving Leo treats covered in CBD oil daily, we were able to reverse the damage to his joints and restore his mobility.


So Josh continued giving Leo his treats daily for another month…


He couldn’t wait to get the green light from the doctor…


Josh had already planned to take Leo to the beach to celebrate, so he could run around and play fetch in the waves


They had a lot of bonding time to catch up to…


A month passed we took Leo to the vet again for a check-up.

Leo’s joints were completely healed as if he had gotten a few years younger.


We were ecstatic.


Josh thanked me for my help and went on to catch up on all the playtime he missed with Leo.


He said he’s not going to take it for granted this time.


But I Couldn’t Keep This Information Behind Closed Doors…


Every single day, my inbox is flooded with messages from desperate dog owners, just like Josh, asking the same questions…


“Justin, what can I do about my dog’s joint pain?”


"My dog can't climb the stairs anymore."

"My pup doesn't play like she used to!"


I’ve seen the pain in the eyes of these loving pet parents who are ready to do anything to ease their pup’s pain and discomfort.


I've felt their desperation through their words…


Their willingness to try ANYTHING to bring back that wagging tail and those joyful eyes…


No one should watch their pet suffer…


And no one wants to lose a part of the family’s joy and vibrancy.


This problem wasn't unique to Leo.

It’s affecting countless dogs and their owners globally.


That's when I knew I couldn't just keep this solution between Josh, Leo, and myself.


I couldn’t just stand by when I had found something that could bring not just relief, but a renewed zest for life to these incredible animals and the families that love them so dearly.


But there was a problem I hadn’t solved yet…


Covering random dog treats in CBD oil was a hassle.


I remember vividly, standing in my kitchen, dribbling CBD oil onto treats, thinking…


“There has to be a better way.”


So, I decided to bake the CBD oil right into the treats.

No more mess, no more hassle—just one delightful, flavored bite and a promise of a happier, healthier pup.


My kitchen soon transformed into a laboratory…


I researched, consulted with veterinarians, and experimented with different recipes, aiming for the perfect balance between flavor that dogs would crave and the effective relief that CBD could offer.


Because I had to be very careful…


If I prepare these treats wrong, I could damage the healing properties of CBD.


“Good enough” doesn’t cut it here.


I tested, refined, and then tested again, ensuring the CBD remained as potent and healing as nature intended.


And I thought I had crafted the perfect dog treat…


A treat with the power to melt away a dog's crippling joint pain...


To reignite their playful, joyful, and healthy spirit…


And to give pet parents back the lively, loving friend they remember.


But I still wasn’t 100% confident…


“What if Leo was an exception? What if it doesn’t work for other dogs as it worked for him?”


I didn’t want to make this just another false promise for the desperate pet parents who watch their dear pup suffer in pain every day…

I had to be careful.


So to prove to the world (and myself) that these chews really work…


I shipped a free 60-day supply of these chews to a select group of dog owners.


…People who’d reached out, heart in hand, about their dogs’ joint pain.


I covered all the costs. No strings attached, no weight on my shoulders.


I waited…


Every day felt like a month…


And after just the first 30 days, my inbox lit up…


The feedback started to flood in…

“This product has turned back the years for my 11-year-old dog. It has been the most amazing thing to witness. My husband & I have both been spreading the word about this product in hopes it can help other elderly dogs turn back time!”
– Jared (Verified Customer)

“Watching my furry friend chase his favorite ball again brings tears of joy – all thanks to this mobility supplement.”
– Lily Foster (Verified Customer)

“This supplement has become a lifesaver for our large breed pup, helping to maintain joint health during his crucial growing stages.”
– Olivia Carter (Verified Customer)


And after perfecting the formula even more…


I’m excited to finally announce…


Cannanine™ Bacon Flavored CBD Soft Chews For Dogs

Relieve Your Dog’s Joint Pain – Or Your Money Back!


Each chew is infused with the highest quality CBD, meticulously crafted to ensure your dog can erase their debilitating joint pain.


We source our CBD from the most pristine, family farms in Colorado, guaranteeing that purity and potency are at the forefront.


Our soft chews contain 0% THC, making them completely safe and effective for your cherished pet.


The best part?


It’ll take you just 8 seconds per day to relieve your dog’s joint pain!


Simply give these chews to your dog twice a day after meals.


Every delicious, bacon-flavored treat will bring your dog a step closer to finally eliminating their joint pain.


With third-party testing for every batch, you can trust in Cannanine to deliver the relief your dog deserves.

0% THC

We promise only the purest for your pet. Our chews contain absolutely zero THC, ensuring a safe and effective way to administer CBD to your dog.

Third-Party Tested

Transparency is our promise. Cannanine is Clean Label Project certified, ensuring its purity and potency through rigorous third-party testing.

Hand Harvested on Family Farms in Colorado

Every Cannanine product is crafted with love, integrity, and meticulous care on family farms nestled in the lush fields of Colorado.

100,000+ Pets Are Experiencing Relief

Join the ranks of over 100,000 pet parents who have placed their trust in Cannanine. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, your satisfaction isn't just hoped for, it’s assured.

Tackle The Root Cause of Your Dog’s Joint Pain


By giving your dog Cannanine™ CBD Soft Chews regularly, you'll be able to tackle the root cause of their joint pain and finally give them the relief they've been desperate for.


The best part?


They’re delicious and your dog’s ears will perk up every time you shake up the canister.


CBD oil counters the inflammation that's making your dog’s joints feel like rusty hinges.


It’s like a soothing balm that targets the ache at its source.


This reduction in inflammation means that little by little, your dog’s joints can move freely and smoothly once more.


With regular use, these CBD chews can help rebuild that painful, corroded joint into a springboard for your dog’s happy, active life.


Before you know it, they’ll be back bouncing around like they haven’t in years.


That’s Why Our Customers LOVE Cannanine™ CBD Soft Chews

“With this supplement, age is truly just a number - my 12-year-old dog moves around as if he were half his age.”
– Ava (Verified Customer)

“This mobility supplement seems to have given my aging furry companion a new lease on life, as he now moves more freely and seems far more comfortable.”
– Ethan Walker (Verified Customer)

“As a dedicated dog owner, I'm thrilled to have found a supplement that has visibly enhanced my dog's movement capabilities, especially considering his advancing age.”
– Jackson M. (Verified Customer)


But I’d encourage you not to hesitate…


The demand for Cannanine™ CBD Soft Chews is skyrocketing as desperate pet parents are rushing to secure their orders…


We're humbled by the response, but this surge means we can't guarantee the stock will last for long.


Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and because of the careful production process and rigorous testing, we can't—and won't—rush this process.


We must ensure that the CBD retains its natural healing properties, every time.


Meaning once these soft chews sell out…


They're gone for the foreseeable future…


And will only stay available to customers who subscribe.

We’ll have no choice but to create a waitlist, and that could mean people waiting MONTHS for a restock.


Don’t let your pup suffer any longer…


And don't put it off until tomorrow…


Act now to seize those joyful, pain-free moments that you once took for granted, and which your furry friend deserves to experience once again.


Erase Your Dog’s Joint Pain For Just $0.66 a Day


Investing in your dog's health and happiness has never been this simple and affordable.


Think of the costly vet visits, the painful exercises they struggle through, or even the daunting prospect of surgery…


These alternatives don't just weigh heavily on your wallet…


They can be stressful and uncomfortable for your beloved pet as well.


With Cannanine™ CBD Soft Chews, you can provide a potentially life-changing relief for your dog's joint pain for just $0.66 a day.


That's less than the cost of a morning coffee to give your dog the comfort and freedom of movement they deserve.


Cannanine™ Bacon Flavored CBD Soft Chews For Dogs


Eliminate Your Dog’s Joint Pain – Or Your Money Back


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When you click that button, you're taking the first step towards a new chapter in your dog’s life…


You'll be smoothly guided to a secure checkout page, where completing your order is quick and hassle-free…


Once you've placed your order, our dedicated team will carefully prepare it and ensure it’s shipped right to your doorstep…


Then, you'll be just a few weeks away from finally eliminating your dog's joint pain...


Putting an end to their suffering...


And getting back the playful, happy, and healthy pup you miss.


Remember, smart pet parents are stocking up.


Secure enough supply to guarantee that your furry friend gets the consistent relief they deserve, month after month, without the worry of us running out of stock.



We are so confident in the power of our products to make your pup happier and healthier that we stand firmly behind our promise.


If, for any reason, you find that our Cannanine™ Bacon Flavored CBD Soft Chews haven’t brought the relief and joy you expected for your furry friend, we'll gladly refund your entire purchase, regardless of how much you've used.


If you're not happy, we’re not happy, and we’ll make it right with a swift and complete refund, no questions asked.


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You now stand at a crossroads with two choices…


On one hand, you can continue to watch your precious dog suffer…


…Endlessly trying countless remedies with no luck.


…Witnessing your beloved pup feeling trapped within their own body.


…And seeing the vibrant spirit you once knew gradually fade away.

Or, you can take the other path…


You can secure your order of Cannanine CBD Soft Chews today.


Try them completely risk-free, backed by our no-questions-asked guarantee.


Choose to eliminate your dog's joint pain and welcome back the playful, joyful spirit that you miss so dearly.


Today, you have the power to change your dog’s life for the better…


Make the choice that could bring back the wagging tail…


The bright eyes…


And the boundless energy you miss so much.


Because every dog deserves a life full of play and free from pain.


But I must warn you, though – the clock is ticking…


Due to our premium production process, where we ensure that CBD maintains its natural healing properties, we can't just ramp up production overnight.


And with demand soaring high…


Our stocks are flying off the shelves faster than we anticipated.


We are committed to quality over quantity, and once we're sold out…


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How To Use


For powerful support disguised as a daily treat, give 1 bacon-flavored soft chew per 30 pounds of body weight, twice daily or as needed.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this letter.


Your love for your dog shines through in the simple act of seeking solutions, and I'm incredibly grateful that you’re considering us as a part of your dog's journey to better health.


My name is Justin, and this isn't just a business for me – it's a deeply personal mission.


I've felt the heartache of watching a beloved pet suffer, and I've experienced the profound joy that relief can bring.


Taking action today is a huge step towards a brighter, pain-free future for your furry family member.


And to make your decision even more impactful, with every purchase you make, we donate 7 meals to shelter pets in need.


You're not only caring for your own beloved pet…


You're also helping to nourish and support other animals that are waiting for their own chance at a happy, healthy life.