Is Your Dog Slow to Get Up? It Could Be an Early Sign…

Watch Out For These 4 Subtle Changes in Your Dog’s Behavior!

Every time your dog struggles to get up or hesitates before jumping, a small pang of worry might hit you. Is it possible that your pup is silently suffering?


The frustrating part is, our dogs can’t communicate with us.


Their pained expressions, the slight hesitations in their actions, these are the silent cries they hope we pick up on.


And it's up to us, their parents, to pick up the puzzle pieces and put them together.


If your dog has been slow to get up – it’s very likely that they’re suffering from joint pain.


And if you’ve been noticing it for a while now, it’s important you take action immediately. And here’s why…


Wolves are the ancestors of our loyal pups.

In the wild, a wolf showing signs of weakness or injury can be left behind by the pack.


This instinctual need to hide vulnerabilities is deep-rooted and passed down from generation to generation. It's survival.


Today, our dogs still carry that instinct.


They mask their pain, choosing to suffer silently rather than show any signs of distress.


But you should sit there waiting for more clues…


Because by the time they do show signs, it often means their pain is much worse than we might think.

Luckily, there are 4 unmistakable signs of joint pain in dogs.


These signs might be your dog's only way of communicating their discomfort to you.


So pay attention…

4 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From Joint Pain

1. Your Dog Is Slow To Get Up

As pups age, it's natural for them to lose a bit of their youthful energy.


However, if you notice your dog taking longer than usual to stand up or seeming to struggle when rising from a resting position, it could be more than just a sign of aging.

Joint pain can make simple actions like getting up challenging and painful.


The stiffness in their joints can cause discomfort, making them hesitant to move too quickly.


Over time, this hesitation can become more pronounced, especially after long periods of rest or in the mornings when joints can be particularly stiff.


It's vital to monitor these moments, as they might be your dog's way of showing you something's not right.

2. Your Dog Avoids Stairs & Big Jumps

Stairs and high surfaces can pose a real challenge for dogs experiencing joint pain.


What was once a simple task – hopping onto a couch or racing up the stairs – now only brings pain and discomfort. 

Dogs naturally love to jump and play, but when joint pain sets in, they start avoiding such activities to prevent the pain.


If your dog hesitates before a staircase or no longer jumps onto their favorite sofa spot, it could be an indication of discomfort in their joints.

3. Slower, Less Active, Limping - Not as Playful Anymore

A dog's natural state is to be playful, curious, and full of energy.


However, when joint pain takes over, that lively spirit can disappear.


You might notice your once energetic furball is now moving at a slower pace, preferring to stay in one place rather than roam around..

They no longer want to play fetch, do zoomies, or chase birds around them.


Limping is also a clear sign of discomfort, often signaling pain in a particular joint or limb.


A decline in playfulness can be especially heartbreaking to witness, as your pup might not engage in their favorite games or greet you with the same enthusiasm.


This change in activity level is a significant sign of joint discomfort.

4. Licking, chewing, or biting their joints

When dogs experience discomfort in their joints, they instinctively try to soothe the area by licking, chewing, or biting at it.


It's a way for them to address the pain, even if it's just momentarily.

Frequent attention to a specific area, especially if it's not related to a visible wound, can indicate underlying joint pain.


The act of licking can provide temporary relief, much like how we might rub a sore spot.


Continuous chewing or biting, however, can lead to skin irritations or infections.


So, if your dog is persistently focusing on a particular joint, it could be a sign they're dealing with internal discomfort.

The Next Step After Identifying Your Dog’s Joint Pain

Seeing your once lively pup now silently bearing the weight of joint pain can be truly heartbreaking.


Every dog parent dreams of watching their canine buddy sprinting with joy in the park or excitedly chasing their 

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What’s the root cause of your dog’s joint pain?




Imagine your dog's joints as a set of gears in a well-oiled machine…


Over time, those gears can start to rust, making every movement a painful grind.


This is what joint pain feels like for dogs.

Inflammation is like the rust that slowly creeps onto the gears of a well-oiled machine.


When your dog is young and healthy, the gears are smooth and rotate freely, allowing your dog to run, jump, and play without a hint of discomfort.


But over time, various factors, such as a poor diet, aging, or medical conditions like arthritis, cause inflammation in your dog’s joints.


Even if you think you're feeding your dog the highest-quality dog food, many manufacturers cut corners and include cheap ingredients in your dog food…


Which can also trigger inflammation.


(Yes, even some of the "organic, all-natural" dog foods contain these toxic ingredients).


Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or infection.


When your dog’s joints are inflamed, the body sends an army of white blood cells to the affected areas…

But sometimes this response doesn't turn off when it should.


Instead of protecting the joints, these cells release chemicals that may further damage the already affected tissues.


Think of these chemicals as the rust eating away at those gears, causing them to become stiff, swollen, and painful.


This makes every step your dog takes feel like grinding gears that have lost their smooth motion.


As the inflammation—worsens the once effortless joy of running or the simple act of walking becomes a painful challenge for your pup.

But that’s where Cannanine Bacon Flavored Hemp Oil Soft Chews For Dogs come in.

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It interacts with receptors in your dog’s body…


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By reducing this inflammation, hemp oil allows your dog’s joints to begin moving smoothly and freely again.


It helps rebuild that corroded, painful joint into a functioning part of your dog’s happy, active life.


With regular use, you can find your dog moving with a spring in their step that you haven’t seen in years.

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